5 Ekim 2008 Pazar

OUTLET of Contemporary Art opens its doors on October 10th 2008!

Outlet is an attempt to bring art, regarded as a luxury commodity, to the masses in a time and space where social and cultural inequity is deeply entrenched. Outlet aims to create a recreation area or a breathing place, for the art milieu captured by museums, institutions, bank galleries and intends to actualize innovative and risk-taking projects.

Outlet’s concern is to share the works of artists from different countries and generations, produced with different art techniques, styles and forms of expression. The project will function both as a gallery and a non-profit organization and has a broad connection to publication and education means, as well as to artists’ archives and consultancy for art collections.
Outlet is concerned with determining and converting the needs of the art milieu rather than fitting into it. In this sense, it is concerned with remarkable art works that are perhaps not appreciated in their time and those which attract attention in terms of quality of production and expression, but are ignored in some circumstances.

Outlet is conceived as an attempt to revitalize the contemporary artistic milieu in Istanbul and aims to support prolific artists who rarely have the chance to show their works. Outlet will foster an atmosphere in which the artist can feel at ease in a flexible structure. In this sense, Outlet is not a gallery; but is a sheer irony!

Outlet is the brand new address for those who are interested in the current / contemporary art agenda and is run by Azra Tüzünoğlu, with the contribution of individual efforts and the sponsorship of Canan Pak, AYK, MAS Printing House, Koyuncu Computer, The Point Hotel, Beck’s, Coca Cola, Netcopy Center and Derin Design.

Outlet//Export Surplus Art

Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-18:00, Closed on Mondays, Sundays (from October 10th)

Boğazkesen Caddesi

Kadirler Yokuşu No:69


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