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Flight of Fancy
Emergency Exit Exhibition at Outlet Art Space
Hello, and welcome aboard Outlet‘s latest exhibition ‘Emergency Exit’.

We shall now tell you about some important safety features of this art space. The most important safety feature we have here is…Azra Tüzünoğlu, who opened Outlet recently as a gallery for surplus contemporary art that was dangerously becoming a playground of the elite, the rich and the snob.

The exhibition includes works of six Turkish artists based in and outside Turkey (İzmir, Ankara, Vienna and Berlin); each of whom approaches ‘domestic matters’ in their own unique and fresh way. In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, (or just the opposite, when you feel suffocated, dazed and confused of what’s offered in the name of art elsewhere), these little exhibitions and performances from Outlet will drop down over your diary like oxygen masks to give you a breath of fresh air and to bring art to the masses. (And there’s lots of oxygen in it, we promise).

There’s something for everyone, so if you’re sitting next to a small child, or someone who’s acting like a small child, bring them too.

Please take a moment now to make sure you are all eyes and ears to enjoy the exhibition, and please remain calm until the others have taken their turns to see the works. At no time in history of art has somebody finished seeing an exhibition in five seconds. So please don’t even try.

Oh, and please do not press the orange button, unless you want to test the seat ejection mechanism.
Outlet Art Space hosts Emergency Exit exhibition until Sat., 17 Jan. 2009. Boğazkesen Cad., Kadirler Yokuşu 69, Tophane. 0212 245 5505. outlet-istanbul.blogspot.com.

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